Spanish Golden Age Danse Workshop


vendredi 06 décembre 2019 - dimanche 08 décembre 2019    

Rome/ Artespettacolo
Via Romolo Gigliozzi, 12 , ROME

Type d’évènement

Spanish Golden Age Dance

Choreographic concordances with Italian and French

steps, styles and dances from the 16th to the 18th century

6th-8th of December 2019

Schedule 12/16 hours

Friday 6 4,00pm-8,00pm for all

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 10,00am–12,30pm/1,30pm-3,00pm for all

+ 3,30pm-5,30pm for advanced level


For all: Study of the basic Spanish Golden Age dance steps and comparison with the Italian and French dance steps from the 16th to the 18thcentury, its similitudes and differences.

  • Practice of various choreographic variations of Pavana, Pavaniglia (Caroso e Negri) and Pavane d’Espagne (Arbeau).
  • Practice of various choreographic variations of the Spanish Epañoleta and the Italian Spagnoletta, in the two kinds of styles. Study and practice of castanets.
  • Practice of various choreographic variations of Spanish Mariona and French Folies d’Espagne and comparison between them. Study of castanets.

Advanced: Further study of more variations of Mariona, with castanets and of Folías and Folies d’Espagne. Work on improvisation and creation of our own variations in the different styles, for solo, duo, trio or quartet.

Ana Yepes dancer, choreographer, pedagogue, dance researcher,

teaches Spanish baroque dance according to the following sources:

Esquivel de Navarro, “Discursos sobre el Arte de Danzado”, Sevilla 1642 and

Juan Antonio Jaque “El Libro de danzar”, 17th century

and French Dance according to the

Pierre Rameau and Raoul-Auger Feuillet’s treaties

of 17h and 18th century.

Her work on technique and interpretation,

as well as the warm-up she proposes

are also essential elements of her teaching.


workshop basic level (12 hours) € 160,00            inscriptions before October 30th € 135,00

workshop advanced level (16 hours) € 210,00   inscriptions before October 30th € 175,00

The number of students will be limited, admission will be on a first-come first serve basis.

The inscription sheets should be sent completed to

For further information: + 33 6 25 47 84 00


Studio Location

Artespettacolo – Via Romolo Gigliozzi, 12 – Tor De’ Cenci (E.U.R.) – Roma